“High-level” feelings for the first time — And clothes in my mail

So that’s what it feels like to be a bit higher level – well, I know, we are only halfway through on our way, but still.

Waiting for Oric to finish some trading I found a level ten cleric, a green newbie to me, sitting in front of Newport. Being bored I wanted to spend my time buffing her a bit so I started strengthening her up. But ALL the buffs I had memorized were too high level to take hold.

I felt proud thinking that Oric and me actually had achieved something running around in the last months.

It made me so happy I sat down, pulled out my book and searched for all the lower level spells  the cleric might be able to use. After deleting my whole spell bar I memorized the old ones I’d found and buffed her like mad. It was a nice feeling to do this. Unfortunately she did not move at all and seemed to be AFK (away from keyboard) so I hope she still had some buffs on after returning.

It is such great fun giving gifts to others passing by. And I at this place want to thank all of those who gave and keep giving us buffs and presents at short meetings here and there.

Oric and I would like to especially thank the mysterious Joli who had sent both of us leggings and a tunic made from Wyvernhide. They are major upgrades for both of us (and look good at the same time 😉  ).


Kaladim – now with group

A second round in Kaladim, and this time we found a group just ten minutes after logging in!

The exp group was short but cool, and we nearly managed to ding, just a little left to level 32, yay.

Compared to our struggle the first time, when we had scared ourselves silly entering the city all alone, this time seemed like a holiday. At least for me. Oric did get a scratch or two, but nothing serious. Poor little me just got kicked in the back a few times by a hyperventilating ghost dwarf with a smoker’s wheeze. Nothing to worry about, because I had two gentlemen fighters jumping at occasion to cut into some ecto-dwarf butt right away.

And how they cut:


And chopped:


But the ghost dwarves tried valiantly to survive.

They should really get themselves checked once in a while, some of them appear to emit smoke trails out of their nether regions:


Smelly, but a lot of fun to hit!

Too bad we can’t show you their best feature: When they try to hit you, they go “hoooooot-hoo-oot”.

Even though we had a lot of fun in (upper) Kaladim, it seems that people keep suggesting we go somewhere else, and that this place is no good. We’re not yet finished enjoying ourselves in there, but perhaps the others are right and we should take a look at the other dungeons for this level.

Stay tuned to find out what (and where) is up next.

Place of the hover-dwarves

Since a long time Oric wanted to pay a visit to a place he remembered from a life before. For that reason every now and then he asked me, when we would finally travel to mighty Kaladim. Those of you who don’t have a halfling husband telling you the story will find only little information on the wiki (http://wiki.shardsofdalaya.com/index.php/Kaladim ).

But briefly said Kaladim used to be ‘the main city of the dwarven race’ a long time ago, as it says there. As far as I have been told the evil Kaezul invaded it with iksars and killed all citizen living in there back then. Since those days Kaladim is haunted by the dead souls of those victims and being heavily defended by them against any one entering.

As you all know Oric by now, this seems to be the perfect playground for a suicidal halfling and his pulled-along wife.

Here are some touristic impressions as proof that we’ve been there (and survived):

At the entrance (I think that’s the size they would have liked to be):


And that’s their actual size – finally someone our height, even though they try to cheat by hovering around. Sillies.

Hehe, cheating doesn't help
Hehe, cheating doesn't help

A nice (extremely high level) person we met. He gave us the tip of going to Lare of the Paw to have fun and level up a bit. (Hope Dagmar and Angior are still waiting for us in the 65ies.) And: he gave me a Silver Cepter as a gift, thank you again 🙂  It’s fun hitting things over the head with it.


Here that Silver Cepter in use. Those sentries are strong, myohmy… But not strong enough against double halfling power:


Little detail: If you ever have to fight one of those, next to hitting them pay attention to their great hitting style. Their head doesn’t move, just tries to scare you with a grumpy stare, whilst the rest of their body swooshes around and makes pirouettes underneath.

Oric has made some artsy fartsy pictures of our travel but hasn’t had time yet to post them.

We are sorry anyway that postings are rare at the moment, it’s that we’re extremely busy and have a hard time even finding some time for travelling and adventures.

The day we win the lottery we’ll play forever, promised. Until then:  please don’t leave us 😉

Be safe.

How to make a fool out of yourself – or how to let everyone know you’re a newbie, part 2


On its own my newest newbie outing isn’t that bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all, just silly. But, oh well…

The situation is the following:

After logging in, I am happily sitting at the entrance to Shrouded Isle, waiting for my other half (-ling, haha) to finally log in.

In the mean time I follow the discussion on main chat and look who’s around.  So I  entertain myself reading the comments popping up, including one saying something like “Mister Nice* tells you: Hello, could you give me SOW, please?” (*anonymized, person’sname known to the author of this post).

Well, I read this, too. Some lines later again: “Mister Nice tells you: I will meet you anywhere in the zone, okay?”…

Slowly it sinks in – ooh, ooh, ooh, someone is talking to me. ME! Oh my god, how do I answer? What do I do? What’s SOW again? Help! Oioi.

I manage to talk to the guy in the end, tell him where I am and get waved at by him some minutes later. All nervous, I fumble around in my buffs bag and hand him the Spirit of Wolf he asked for. (Meanwhile I had remembered)

In the middle of my casting my inventory pops up and another window that I later recognize as trading window.

Didn’t get that then. Just felt horribly disturbed by the sudden appearance of  things in my way, so I quickly look and think “What? I don’t need my inventory” and close it. Then I look at the second window and think “Well, what again? Ten platinum? I don’t have that much money. It’s not mine. Away with it.” and I click the X to close that one as well in a rather annoyed way.

After a giving me a puzzled look Mister Nice says “Thank you” and storms into Shrouded Isle. Happily I wave after him in relief.

(Probably again killing that chief guy in Shrouded Isle that Oric is so fond of and that we are trying to kill meet since a week or more.)

So, after my beloved husband finally pops up next to me I tell him what happened and for the next 20 minutes I just get to hear comments like “What? Ten platinum?”, “That guy wanted to give you ten platinum just for casting one little spell?”, “And you didn’t take it?”, “Do you know how much stuff halflings can get for that money?”…. And so on.

So, if you ever meet someone that is nice and suddenly get jumped at by a window popping up where things that don’t belong to you are listed, have a second look and maybe consider accepting the deal.

It might come in handy once.  😉

I will collect stuff now where ever I can to get me ten platinum. It will make Oric happy. Just takes a bit longer.

Be safe, all of you.

Get to wear a pumpkin and Dalaya will live on

When we were having fun with Angior and Dagmar’s group in King’s Pass I was especially impressed by Angior’s ability of becoming a scarecrow and wearing a pumpkin with headlights. It ‘s a fun ability to have!

Digging a bit deeper into this pumpkinnery, Oric and me found out that EVERONE can get to wear one 🙂

You can have a scarecrow disguise (and other things) if you decide to help the Shards of Dalaya server survive by a signing up for a regular donation. The good thing is that even if you’re not sitting on a big pile of money, there are several affordable options:


The scarecrow suit is already included in the cheapest subscriptions (EUR 4/month), and it goes up from there to gold (EUR 8/month) giving you really useful items such as travel boots with clicky Scale of Wolf. The best stuff is reserved for platinum members (EUR 20/month) where you get your own pocket plane (!) complete with your own vendors. Lackeys! Vassals! Oh, and a translocator.

So, we are now official Silver Members, so next time we meet Angior and Dagmar (which are waaay ahead of us meanwhile, but will kindly wait for us at 65) we can make a huge shining pumpkin festival. Yeeey \O/

Saving spell sets – saving time later on

Oric told me in the beginning already but I only start to appreciate this feature now, because we are getting further around into all kinds of situations and places.

So I’m slowly starting to create my own booklet of spell sets, which means memorising a useful combination of spells for different situations and storing them in your pocket. It is quite a useful thing to do because it saves you a lot of time to adapt to new areas and situations. You just empty your spell bar, select the spell set you like and you will be automatically seated and can watch the spells jump over from the book into the spell bar all on their own and faster than by hand.

So far I got three sets (not that many, I know) for the main things we’re doing. For long distance traveling I saved a “Traveling Set” with all kinds of useful spells like Spirit of Wolf , Superior Camouflage, See Invisible, some protection like Shield of Thistles or Skin of Steel and Healing. Should never run around without protection and healing stuff. First aid box.

Second set I have is a “Fight and Protect” set for when Oric and I are alone  on the road and hunting stuff once in a while – or get attacked. It contains of a fine mix of healing, protection and attack spells. Need those, so I can poke enemies as well a bit.

And last I got a “Healing” set, for when we are in a bigger group and I can concentrate on healing and protecting the others.

For emergencies I also have Lesser Succor at hand, just in case (evacuates everyone in your group to the next safer spot if neccessary).

The picture is for all of you who don’t have a halfling friend that tells you about this feature. It’s a bit hidden, with the picture you might at least find it.

For creating a new set kick out and take in the spells you like to have, right click the spellbook icon in the spellbar and click “save spell set”. Then give it a nice name and – voilà. Finished.

Spell setsac

You can also overwrite old spell sets by saving a new one under an already existing name.

Having fun in the Hidden Temple of Yaralith

We found a really great group to get here (see group picture at the end of the post).

But next to discovering new territory and enjoying good conversation with the group members I had my own personal amusement down here seeing the following:


–> please notice this great, elegant and quite effective gesture Ianax’s pet used to make (next to having the greatest walking style ever). What an impressive way of dealing with enemies: Just throw your arms in the air and go “whooo-ooo”  🙂

I loved it!

Already such discoveries are worth playing this game. Thank you to the development crew (or whoever is responsible) for building in funnies like that.