A shortcut to more platinum

This post is about something that’s an unavoidable evil for most Dalayans: Money.

It’s especially tough for halflings, because what little money they make, they invest in pork ribs and chocolate cake, and they invest those in their tummies. It’s a delicious business, but the returns aren’t so great.

That’s why Ayba and I were intrigued by a certain class of (usually long-legged) merchants of some sort. They’re standing around in many towns, especially those posh ones that have magic guilds. They call themselves unbinders and they might be our ticket to a rich life full of apple pie and lamb cutlets.

Some of the loot we pick off our enemies’ mutilated body parts includes stuff we’re clueless and confused about. Either we can’t use it in the first place (A halfling in a robe! Scandalous) or we need to replace it with something else at some point down the road, but it seems to have grafted to our skin and we can’t let go.

For these situations, unbinders are perfect. Even if they’re not trustworthy on account of they’re ridiculous long legs, they offer two services:

Unbinding removes the No Drop flag from any item and replaces it with a bind to soul type of thing. That way, you can sell stuff you’ve outgrown to other people, and then they will be stuck with the silly no drop flag.

Unchanting strips most magic from an item (including No Drop), making it useless but still pretty. Merchants like pretty things, so they buy this stuff at decent prices. At any rate, beats making absolutely nothing off of it. Unchanting doesn’t even cost anything! A perfect win-lose situation!

Both of these services are incredibly useful if you want to raise your cash level a bit. And with all the food, food-related and food-enhancing products halflings like to buy, every piece of platinum counts. So as soon as we manage to get something that’s hard to sell to players and useless to us, we’ll see you at the unbinder.


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