“High-level” feelings for the first time — And clothes in my mail

So that’s what it feels like to be a bit higher level – well, I know, we are only halfway through on our way, but still.

Waiting for Oric to finish some trading I found a level ten cleric, a green newbie to me, sitting in front of Newport. Being bored I wanted to spend my time buffing her a bit so I started strengthening her up. But ALL the buffs I had memorized were too high level to take hold.

I felt proud thinking that Oric and me actually had achieved something running around in the last months.

It made me so happy I sat down, pulled out my book and searched for all the lower level spells  the cleric might be able to use. After deleting my whole spell bar I memorized the old ones I’d found and buffed her like mad. It was a nice feeling to do this. Unfortunately she did not move at all and seemed to be AFK (away from keyboard) so I hope she still had some buffs on after returning.

It is such great fun giving gifts to others passing by. And I at this place want to thank all of those who gave and keep giving us buffs and presents at short meetings here and there.

Oric and I would like to especially thank the mysterious Joli who had sent both of us leggings and a tunic made from Wyvernhide. They are major upgrades for both of us (and look good at the same time 😉  ).


6 thoughts on ““High-level” feelings for the first time — And clothes in my mail”

  1. That’s a nice upgrade for you guys. Although in the future, you might oughta let Oric have the Wyvernhide and Ayba have the Wyrmhide, stat-wise. Either way, it’s better gear and you’ll be a lot much more gooder now. Gratz on the cool gear!

  2. Oh crap, I hadn’t even noticed that they were different (just saw a lot of stuff beginning with “W”). Why did the WIS gear all end up in my mailbox? 😦 I’m sure it’s better on Ayba.

    Shows them as no drop in Fomelo, but I’m not sure if they were? Total confusion taking over. When we log in again (perhaps this weekend), we’ll have to see about swapping if that’s possible.

  3. Swapping is possible, although it will cost you a bit of moolah. You will need to take them to an Unbinder, located in any Wizard guild. Take the item off and give it to the Unbinder, then go through the dialogue. Be sure that you don’t “unenchant” the item, as it will render it useless.

    Admittedly, if you just supplement the rest of your gear appropriately, the chest pieces are close enough to each other that, unless you just have $$ to burn, you might just go with what you’ve got.

  4. I think I mixed them up when I sent them, Sorry.
    I had it written down right, just mixed them up on the send. I’ll help you fix it if I’m on when you are available.

  5. Oooh, hi Joli 🙂 And thanks!

    Well, no need to ‘fix’ it if they’re so close together anyway. We’re still extremely hysterical about revceiving them 😀 I’m enjoying the STR and perhaps Ayba won’t notice the WIS 😛

    Shhhh, don’t tell her 🙂

  6. Hey guys, welcome to the wonderful world of type 5 augments. I am leveling up Tailoring so I thought I would shoot you some Mana and HP augs, of the Rough variety. Get an Augmentation kit and combine them with your leather armor, and enjoy more mana and hit points.

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