Oric is happy about (new) weapons

You know halflings: peace-loving, tree-hugging individuals with manly fur on their feet and a tendency for overeating.

Not so Oric; he’s happy, nay, elated when he gets to chop up animals and decapitate people. So far he’s been using two Mastercrafted Broad Swords for that, which he’d bought from one of those long women dressed in a daytime carpenter/nighttime pole dancer costume. The blades were alright, but nothing fancy.

So I decided to spend the commute home on the train yesterday looking for affordable gear on Shards of Dalaya’s web-based item listing system. You see, SoD offers a system usually referred to as “listsold”, where you can dump a bunch of bags at your banker, mark the items as for sale, set a price and just wait for the money to roll in. The trick here is that there is no globally searchable system for the items on offer. There are just pages and pages of listings, both web-based and in-game. It’s like a classified ads system: To find the good stuff, you have to read through a lot of people’s ads and  have a bit of luck. No fancy-shmancy fulltext search and result filtering system for you.

While a bit archaic, the system works quite well. At first I had spotted two Mithril Long Swords: 13 damage! Reasonable delay! Droolworthy! But as often in the life of a halfling, boundless enthusiasm is followed by the stomach-punch of depression: The listsold system was bugged, it didn’t let me buy those swords and kept claiming that the player named Soyer isn’t really selling item #41, all the while taunting me with the beautiful listing of “#41 Mithril Long Sword”. Even repeated listings showed the item, but purchase requests didn’t go through. I don’t know what was wrong, perhaps the listings only get synced once in a while and someone else hat bought those swords from under my nose.

Oh well. Oric bought two Mithril Short Swords instead (10/24 and very light), then downed three Valiums and followed them with gin tonic, which lead to this facial expression:


Once the stuff wore off, he assured me that he had felt happy at that point in time. He also couldn’t remember how he got from the bank to the gates of Newport, although he swears rat people were involved.

Anyhow, I’m very happy as well! These are the best weapons I’ve ever had, and even though I had to spend half of our savings on them (don’t tell Ayba), I think it’ll be worth it because it makes us die less and kill more. That’s Oric’s favored combination.

It’s interesting: I’ve tried some other MMOs and while it’s very easy to achieve something in them (great armor, high levels), it never feels like an accomplishment. Saving every little bit of copper since level 20, not getting any real upgrade loot off of anything and then stumbling upon a good weapon by accident, this really feels like an achievement.

Perhaps the instant gratification some other games offer is what makes me get bored with them so quickly. SoD doesn’t sugar-coat anything. Yes, it’s hard to make your first platinum. Yes, you’re fighting monsters in armor you’ve outleveled three weeks ago. But life’s tough, it’s every halfling for himself, so if a set of mithril swords takes two months of saving, you’re going to have to save for two months to get it. I’m not masochistic, but I think it’s all the more exciting once you do.


4 thoughts on “Oric is happy about (new) weapons”

  1. Yeah, I saw you buy those swords, you seemed pretty jazzed! I hope they work out well for you. Looking forward to seeing other future gear upgrades you and Ayba come across.

    *cough* Starfall *cough*

  2. Oohh, were you mighty Juliana by chance? The one that buffed Oric like crazy?
    Well, if yes, I would like to thank you and let you know, that he was forced to log out after that. By me.

    Why? So that he still has them when he’s on the road with Ayba the next time 🙂

  3. I just wanted to say, that I absolutely love reading your blog. I will stop by every now and then and catch up on what you two are doing.

    Typically I find myself in envy as how much of a joy you two are having. The feelings you two display are something I wish more games could bring out in all of us. These feelings are what last and make those moments much more special.

  4. “Oohh, were you mighty Juliana by chance?”

    Ah, you’ve figured out my naming convention! Although the ‘mighty” part may be a bit of a stretch. And I don’t blame you for making him log. Don’t let him hog those shaman buffs to himself! Those along with you DS make for a much mightier Oric!

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