Bones, bones and more bones

Whew, what an afternoon!

Just seconds after logging in on Sunday, Skogs sent me a tell asking whether I’m still free for a King’s Pass group. We hadn’t met before, so I told him that I only come in a double pack with Ayba. This was fine as they had four people. It turns out this was the lucky group of the month for us 🙂 We headed over the giant’s bridge towards King’s Pass, carefully avoiding the slaughtered guards that seem to, well, guard it. Slightly out of breath we arrived at the top of the mountain, ready to enter the pass:


Grim and foreboding? Nah, not in the midday sun.

It seems the undead of King’s Pass never sleep, though, so even entering the place proved more challenging than we’d thought. There are skeleton guards all over the entrance area, many of them white or higher to us lowly level 31s. Skogs came to pick us up and the next thing I remember is that it’s two hours later and we’re both standing in Surefall again, exhausted.

This is what had happened: The very second we arrived in the group, Skogs pulled, pulled and pulled some more. There was not a single second of downtime and all around us the air was full of bone fragments. We were standing hip-deep in ribcages, tibias and assorted other body parts, while chopping at those skeletons like madmen and -women. Yeah, I know “hip-deep” isn’t all that impressive when it’s said by a halfling, but don’t ruin the excitement now, please.

It was a beautiful afternoon when we started, and if you look at this gallery, you’ll see the sun was going down in Dalaya while we were doing our thing with the undead. This means we’ve spent several hours pounding the local residents into bone dust.

Our group was composed of:

  1. Skogs, 30-something ranger
  2. Oric, 31 ranger
  3. Ayba, 31 druid
  4. Baxar, 30-something rogue
  5. Krith, 30-something shaman
  6. Malifus, 30-something necromancer

And here’s a record of the destruction we brought:

We had a great time, and this gave a jolt of energy to our leveling. We went from 31 to 35 in one session, almost 36 now. And with Ayba’s new group teleports, it’s finally easy to get back to Surefall to stock up on archery stuff and spells when we reach a spell level. I’m only sad that Skogs, Malifus and Krith will perhaps have outlevelled us once we find time to play again.

In the meantime, this afternoon has restored my faith in the group-based game design. When your group is chewing through cubic tons of undead without any major incidents or downtime, you feel like you’re part of a well-oiled machine. Or a well-choreographed ballet, for those less into mechanical metaphors and more into puffy skirts. This is a feeling no other game has yet managed to reproduce in my opinion.

Ayba got a few teleports to places I haven’t heard of before. A very curious little halfling can’t wait to get killed there in the near future.


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