Kaladim – now with group

A second round in Kaladim, and this time we found a group just ten minutes after logging in!

The exp group was short but cool, and we nearly managed to ding, just a little left to level 32, yay.

Compared to our struggle the first time, when we had scared ourselves silly entering the city all alone, this time seemed like a holiday. At least for me. Oric did get a scratch or two, but nothing serious. Poor little me just got kicked in the back a few times by a hyperventilating ghost dwarf with a smoker’s wheeze. Nothing to worry about, because I had two gentlemen fighters jumping at occasion to cut into some ecto-dwarf butt right away.

And how they cut:


And chopped:


But the ghost dwarves tried valiantly to survive.

They should really get themselves checked once in a while, some of them appear to emit smoke trails out of their nether regions:


Smelly, but a lot of fun to hit!

Too bad we can’t show you their best feature: When they try to hit you, they go “hoooooot-hoo-oot”.

Even though we had a lot of fun in (upper) Kaladim, it seems that people keep suggesting we go somewhere else, and that this place is no good. We’re not yet finished enjoying ourselves in there, but perhaps the others are right and we should take a look at the other dungeons for this level.

Stay tuned to find out what (and where) is up next.


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