How to make a fool out of yourself – or how to let everyone know you’re a newbie, part 2


On its own my newest newbie outing isn’t that bad. Actually, it’s not bad at all, just silly. But, oh well…

The situation is the following:

After logging in, I am happily sitting at the entrance to Shrouded Isle, waiting for my other half (-ling, haha) to finally log in.

In the mean time I follow the discussion on main chat and look who’s around.  So I  entertain myself reading the comments popping up, including one saying something like “Mister Nice* tells you: Hello, could you give me SOW, please?” (*anonymized, person’sname known to the author of this post).

Well, I read this, too. Some lines later again: “Mister Nice tells you: I will meet you anywhere in the zone, okay?”…

Slowly it sinks in – ooh, ooh, ooh, someone is talking to me. ME! Oh my god, how do I answer? What do I do? What’s SOW again? Help! Oioi.

I manage to talk to the guy in the end, tell him where I am and get waved at by him some minutes later. All nervous, I fumble around in my buffs bag and hand him the Spirit of Wolf he asked for. (Meanwhile I had remembered)

In the middle of my casting my inventory pops up and another window that I later recognize as trading window.

Didn’t get that then. Just felt horribly disturbed by the sudden appearance of  things in my way, so I quickly look and think “What? I don’t need my inventory” and close it. Then I look at the second window and think “Well, what again? Ten platinum? I don’t have that much money. It’s not mine. Away with it.” and I click the X to close that one as well in a rather annoyed way.

After a giving me a puzzled look Mister Nice says “Thank you” and storms into Shrouded Isle. Happily I wave after him in relief.

(Probably again killing that chief guy in Shrouded Isle that Oric is so fond of and that we are trying to kill meet since a week or more.)

So, after my beloved husband finally pops up next to me I tell him what happened and for the next 20 minutes I just get to hear comments like “What? Ten platinum?”, “That guy wanted to give you ten platinum just for casting one little spell?”, “And you didn’t take it?”, “Do you know how much stuff halflings can get for that money?”…. And so on.

So, if you ever meet someone that is nice and suddenly get jumped at by a window popping up where things that don’t belong to you are listed, have a second look and maybe consider accepting the deal.

It might come in handy once.  😉

I will collect stuff now where ever I can to get me ten platinum. It will make Oric happy. Just takes a bit longer.

Be safe, all of you.


2 thoughts on “How to make a fool out of yourself – or how to let everyone know you’re a newbie, part 2”

  1. Wait till you get asked for ports! Then the fun goes to a whole other level!

    Oric: Ok, I’ve logged in. WRU?
    Aiba: Oh, a group of folks offered me 40p to taxi them to the GD port.
    Oric: Well ok then. No need to be rude!
    Aiba: Not being rude, just porting to the GD port.
    Oric: Ugh.

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