How the halfling invasion of Shrouded Isle was sabotaged

Ayba and I had great plans for today. Lofty plans, for halflings anyway. We wanted to head back into the creepy Shrouded Isle we’d visited previously, advance to the top floor of the mansion, kill the landlord and steal his key to the basement. There is something about the smell of moist earth and rotting plant roots that halflings find irresistible. Blame childhood memories.

Anyway, we wanted to go and see what this guy’s basement looks and smells like, but the thing is always locked. It’s so frustrating that there’s something down there that we just can’t touch/explore/steal/eat, somebody needs to do something about that. Heading in, we noticed that the place wasn’t as quiet as usual (we’d mostly been alone in there before). There was a cleric frog jumping around in the garden and melting the undead — nice touch! He saved our lives once as well, thank you for that again.

There were also the usual jack o lanterns, but we’re not afraid of those as they’re green and we weirdly blend in with the crowd nowadays:


What was scarier was one huge ogre (whose name we keep to ourselves here) with a bear on the roof of the house. That wasn’t there before! We approached the mansion to examine that, but everything inside was unusually quiet. All the skirt-wearing tall people with the long foreheads were gone. Not even some ghouls to play with. It seems the ogre ran all the way up to the roof and the various inhabitants just sort of died in his wake, leaving us with — nothing?

Nothing indeed. We looked in every corner, but no sign of the landlord and nothing else to kill (these long-headed guys have shiny rings that you can steal, that had always been fun before). Some floaty blue dog tried to eat us, but we broke its face.

Slightly disappointed, we headed back to Erudin for a family picture:


If you’re wondering why we look like scarecrows, those costumes are part of the donator package. Try it, it’s fun and keeps the server alive.

Wish us more luck next week. We’ll get to the bottom of this yet. Literally.


One thought on “How the halfling invasion of Shrouded Isle was sabotaged”

  1. Being a donator is worth it just for the great walking animations on those scarecrows. My wife and I crack up every time one of us uses it. Between that and the “Boogity-Boogity” earth elemental animations, we stay entertained. Hey, cheap thrills are better than none, right?

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