Get to wear a pumpkin and Dalaya will live on

When we were having fun with Angior and Dagmar’s group in King’s Pass I was especially impressed by Angior’s ability of becoming a scarecrow and wearing a pumpkin with headlights. It ‘s a fun ability to have!

Digging a bit deeper into this pumpkinnery, Oric and me found out that EVERONE can get to wear one 🙂

You can have a scarecrow disguise (and other things) if you decide to help the Shards of Dalaya server survive by a signing up for a regular donation. The good thing is that even if you’re not sitting on a big pile of money, there are several affordable options:

The scarecrow suit is already included in the cheapest subscriptions (EUR 4/month), and it goes up from there to gold (EUR 8/month) giving you really useful items such as travel boots with clicky Scale of Wolf. The best stuff is reserved for platinum members (EUR 20/month) where you get your own pocket plane (!) complete with your own vendors. Lackeys! Vassals! Oh, and a translocator.

So, we are now official Silver Members, so next time we meet Angior and Dagmar (which are waaay ahead of us meanwhile, but will kindly wait for us at 65) we can make a huge shining pumpkin festival. Yeeey \O/


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