We made it to 30! It’s all downhill from here

Quite a few weeks ago (due to our busy schedules) we grouped with Angior and Dagmar, a couple we met in SoD. Back then, we were little snotty teenlevels (19 or so) and turbocharged our way through the 20s in Warpstone. It was great fun, but at level 28 it became slow and the first greenies started to appear.

After that, Ayba and I didn’t have any time to play anymore, so there was a little break until last weekend. First we ran to Runnyeye to see if a druid and a ranger can search the place for Gemweave armor, which would still be an upgrade for Oric. After that wasn’t so great, we decided to just ask for groups. Two OOCs later, we got a tell from Angior. He remembered us from Warpstone, but he’s now almost level 40! He agreed to take us into his group anyway, and so we headed for King’s Pass.

This is a creepy place, even if it has its own portal from the Mansion of Portals. The portal is cleverly located right above one of the archways leading into King’s Pass proper, and as you step out of the portal, you risk falling down to the main area (to be slaughtered by skeletons) or you can walk down a few steps to the top of the ramparts (to be slaughtered by skeletons).

We chose option C and had Dagmar come give us invis vs. undead. It still makes my neck hair stand, walking past a dozen red con undeads with just a thin little veil of clerical protection. Nothing against Dagmar’s invis vs. undead, but it’s like strolling naked through a tiger’s den. A hungry tiger’s den. Tigress. With cubs. Can I say “hungry cubs” or does it get cheesy at some point?

Anyhow, we got buffed and started making bonemeal out of the (former) residents of the area. Lots of risky pulls! Oric trying to do crowd control via root! Risk to life and limb! It was spectacular. Here’s a picture, with Angior’s head all vegetable-like:


It really felt energizing, all the mobs were red, we had some crazy Shaman buffs from a good *cough* friend of our monk beastlord Rushonix and plenty of good (okay, mostly bad) jokes were cracked all evening. This is my kind of game 🙂

PS: Oh, and I completely forgot to mention the reason for this post. We made it to level 30! We should really replace all our noobish gear sometime, but so far we manage to survive.


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