Saving spell sets – saving time later on

Oric told me in the beginning already but I only start to appreciate this feature now, because we are getting further around into all kinds of situations and places.

So I’m slowly starting to create my own booklet of spell sets, which means memorising a useful combination of spells for different situations and storing them in your pocket. It is quite a useful thing to do because it saves you a lot of time to adapt to new areas and situations. You just empty your spell bar, select the spell set you like and you will be automatically seated and can watch the spells jump over from the book into the spell bar all on their own and faster than by hand.

So far I got three sets (not that many, I know) for the main things we’re doing. For long distance traveling I saved a “Traveling Set” with all kinds of useful spells like Spirit of Wolf , Superior Camouflage, See Invisible, some protection like Shield of Thistles or Skin of Steel and Healing. Should never run around without protection and healing stuff. First aid box.

Second set I have is a “Fight and Protect” set for when Oric and I are alone  on the road and hunting stuff once in a while – or get attacked. It contains of a fine mix of healing, protection and attack spells. Need those, so I can poke enemies as well a bit.

And last I got a “Healing” set, for when we are in a bigger group and I can concentrate on healing and protecting the others.

For emergencies I also have Lesser Succor at hand, just in case (evacuates everyone in your group to the next safer spot if neccessary).

The picture is for all of you who don’t have a halfling friend that tells you about this feature. It’s a bit hidden, with the picture you might at least find it.

For creating a new set kick out and take in the spells you like to have, right click the spellbook icon in the spellbar and click “save spell set”. Then give it a nice name and – voilà. Finished.

Spell setsac

You can also overwrite old spell sets by saving a new one under an already existing name.


3 thoughts on “Saving spell sets – saving time later on”

  1. Sets are amazing, I remember when I first figured that out. I used to even organize the spellbook, which was always a nightmare when I leveled up way back.

  2. To go along with spell sets, you should look into hot keys.
    There are lots of good things you can do with hot keys.
    Especially look at the hotkey for casting multiple spells with the pause in between for the reset time. You might have to play around with that value till you get it right (no delay).

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