Oric on tour: Warpstone

Oric one evening decided that he can go have fun with the boys without Ayba being present. And since Ayba and Oric are in an adventure band, there were no reasons for spousal complaints afterwards πŸ™‚

So Oric walked into Warpstone looking for a group, and what do you know, the two groups inside were just about to merge and still had a spot. Here are a few pictures with not too many words:


Nice architecture, for a race of claw-fisted half-wolves.


I first thought this was a liquid, but apparently you can walk on top of it. Some type of fluorescent stone, then.


Once, some air-based spell catapulted me into the lava and I had to die. Then I was resurrected in the lava and had to die again (no hard feelings). There’s no real way to get out, once you’re in.


Taking apart Ravager Death-Claw.


Taking apart Ravager Death-Claw — a second time!

We also obliterated Ancient Howl-Speak more than once:


The evening was great fun, I had completely forgotten how nice it can be to keep tearing through waves and waves of pops somewhere in the depths of a dungeon.

The dungeon feels like a theme park (with wolflike people), and again, that’s something I like. You come across wide open areas, smaller cramped areas that need more tactics, a higher spawn density here, a lower spawn density there. It makes for a very varied (if you don’t sit in the same room churning mobs like we did) experience.


7 thoughts on “Oric on tour: Warpstone”

  1. The reason that it’s nice architecture for werewolves is that the werewolves took over from the original inhabitants… who are now hiding somewhere further in.

    Or did you think all those gnawed corpses were just for decoration?


  2. Ooooh, gnawed corpses!

    I thought the vulfweres just enjoy gnawing on corpses, but now I’m curious to see who else does πŸ™‚

  3. They do, but the gnawed corpses are the servants of the previous inhabitants who were killed in the attack, or so was the design intention!

  4. Oric my fine little Ranger. I see that you are at Level 29, congrats. I’d like to recommend heading out to Kaladim. A group of toons in your level range could have lots of fun killing Dwarven Ghosts – very spooky!

  5. Hmmm, dead dwarves. I will surely think about it, especially since I remember Kaladim in its original shape, so it’s extra creepy!

    I still hope for good armor drops somewhere. I was playing with the thought of heading back into Runnyeye for Gemweave armor, but maybe the dead dwarves carry something useful?

    We’ll see, we’ll see…

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