Tearing the flesh off The Fleshflower

Those of you who read the last few sentences of my last post about adepts (wink, wink) might have expected this: Yes, we killed an adept! And it was challenging and fun. Just how I like my games.

Let’s take a look at the target, somewhere in Sundered Mountains:


It doesn’t look like much, just a plant with a schnozzle. But this thing loves to rain some sort of acid or fire or both on you, while rooting your entire raid (!) in place. Also, it somehow manages to poke you in the head with all the love and care of a pneumatic drill, and it summons.

The first time, we wiped. It was the first adept fight for many of us, and our decaying corpses probably still provide some flavor to the water further downstream in that river. For the second round, we wisened up and got more than just one group. We formed a raid and started herbiciding that plant:


While I still feel the grooves the acid left on my face, we killed that overgrown daisy in the end:


Loot was so-so in my opinion, but hey, maybe on another run, it would drop totally different things. Still, everyone in the raid had a use for the stuff, so things were fine.

Fighting adepts feels great. You need to think about tactics a little, and for new players (meaning people who didn’t know Live), it’s the first time they encounter AoE, summoning and group-wide root spells. This is especially cool for healers and casters, they get to learn a lot about positioning relative to the tanks and relative to the AoE range.

I could go on and on about tactics and such, but A: I’m not an expert and B: I hope we’ll fight more adepts in the future, so I can blahblahblah at you then.

Oric, newly certified weed whacker, out.


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