SoD Innovation No. 3: Adepts

Adepts are special. Very special. They are mobs that massively undercon and that have abilities you only know from old-world dragons in EverQuest. They can summon, they can AoE, they might be immune (or nearly) to certain types of damage. But the other special feature is that they’re available all throughout the level range!

So an entire raid of 12 level 1 noobs could gather in front of Newport to kill Rabb the Rat. Trying to kill him alone is certain death. Killing him is certain fortune and fame, because these things drop phat lewts. It’s quite a popular sport, apparently, with some people having made Adept Hunting their hobby.

I love this SoD innovation because it allows you to train really tough group mechanics very early on. You can basically practice on a miniature dragon, and you get this practice every few levels if you go adept hunting, so by the time you’re all big and grown up, you don’t have to learn boss mob encounters from the start anymore. Very nice!

Of course posting about adepts now has another reason as well, but more about that later 🙂


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