Oric finds a Mastercrafted Sword

shards_of_dalaya060 2009-06-16, 20_54_13_oric_mastercrafted

We went to Surefall yesterday to get Ayba some of her self-only teleport spells as well as Lesser Succor — didn’t realize druids got an evac spell this early!

When I checked the vendors, I noticed many mastercrafted weapons. Must have been a player selling his stuff back to the vendor. This is great for Oric, who was still using plain newbie swords at the time. Great! I bought two (quite a bargain!), from this long-stretched half-elven woman thing. Now that Oric has double-attack and all that, he’s finally doing some damage, especially with faster weapons.

Half-elves in aprons.

What were they thinking…


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