Oric sold his 2-handed sword

This is a sentimental moment for Oric.

Oric and his two-hander go way back. He got it off an old slimy skeleton somewhere in the sewers, and it was his favorite weapon for almost eight levels. But Oric had to face the fact that he is tiny, and wielding a sword that’s twice his size is dangerous. Those things are sharp, one should be careful. But mostly they are heavy, and Oric had always been teetering on the brink of encumberance.

Farewell, my good friend… err.. sword. I never got around to name you.

shards_of_dalaya052 2009-06-15, 20_52_51_oric_2h

Sold to a tall black lady in a see-through skirt.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.


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