Owning Blackburrow

shards_of_dalaya064 2009-06-16, 21_45_29_owning_blackburrow

After getting a hint about the “Lesser Succor” spell yesterday (which I could have gotten already a while ago, but didn’t realize) we returned to our hometown Surefall Glade and bought it. After that we needed a place to try it out, right?  (Lesser Succor will teleport your whole group to a safe spot nearby, it’s basically your ejection seat out of an uncomfy situation.)

So we got nostalgic and went to Blackburrow. Waaay deep into Blackburrow.  After cheerfully killing  some gnolls near the entrance (to try Oric’s new swords) we discovered doors we hadn’t seen yet. Curiously we sneaked in and suddenly were attacked by several (at least 100!) ATTACK DOGS. Millions!

So, without planning it we actually had to use Lesser Succor earlier than we would have wanted and it spit us out on the first floor of Blackburrow, near the zone line. Too bad the dogs followed along as as well, which caused Oric’s death and made me run for the line like mad.

Apparently the dogs liked my smell and followed, but I didn’t see them beeing killed by a magician called Alure. (Had my back towards everything evil)  Who – of course – got pissed by the train we’d produced. And told me to shout a warning next time.

(How do you guys manage to do that while running for your life?) So I appologized, said we didn’t know the whole bunch would follow. Apparently, he/she said,  they do until you reach the zone line.

What I think to be somehow funny is that people in this game seem to assume everyone to know everything right from the start. So they poke you if they don’t approve. But as soon as they realize (by your innocent comments and questions) most of them are amused and turn all nice. 🙂

Thank you all 🙂


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