Found a new way of dying!

Well, as a newbie you are always learning great new stuff, right?

Tonight in Mielech A, I was taught the great art of committing suicide. This, after finding a group, dragging several times some angry frogs at it by accident (which caused the death of other group members) and acting like a complete weirdo in any possible way.

The peak was reached after Salvore told the group (Quilian, Slal, Asoko – hopefully I at least remember their names correctly – several pets, Oric and me) to follow but pay attention to NOT FALL.

I ran, asked my boyfriend next to me where he doesn’t want us to fall and then – fell… Down into a deep, unexitable pit. In shock I tried to swim but dived, ended up in some stone tunnel (under water) nearly drowned and plopped out somewhere far away of anyone.  There were only some tadpoles next to me in the water and one of them had the friendly idea of attacking me. I tried to hit back and somehow managed to be caught in the stone wall thanks to the buggy client. Couldn’t move anymore, only switch perspective between the stone ceiling and that frog-to-be-thing.

Finally Salvore said: “Try to type /cm suicide” and so I willingly made harakiri and got resurrected by Salvore from my far away bind spot in Erudin Palace. Ten minutes later our group ran into some red frogs again and a bunch of us got killed again, me and Oric included. I gave up.

Dying three times during 30 minutes after running around three corners wasn’t fun and only holding up the group. Hopefully they did manage to get some fun in Mielech B without playing rescue team all the time.

Sorry guys.

Edit by Ramon: Here’s a picture of happier times, before we died in Mielech A:

shards_of_dalaya049 2009-06-14, 21_37_23_happy_mielech_times


One thought on “Found a new way of dying!”

  1. Time to develop your new attitude toward dying. Simple fact is deaths = knowledge. You can play it safe and kill greenies and get nowhere, or you can challenge yourself and try the harder content. We learn to play our characters better from our wipes. Just like skiing, stay on the bunny hill and be safe or challenge the blue diamonds and become a better skier. Go ahead and let yourself fall down, (perhaps not in the holes you described in Miel-A). Then brush yourself off and try again – and get it right. Don’t let it get you down.

    P.S. Most groups will be patient while you learn. Don’t feel bad about holding up the group. Remember to display the same courtesy when the role are reversed.

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