Oric and the smelly dead things

shards_of_dalaya017 2009-06-02, 21_26_25_SI_group_01

Wow, what an intense hour of SoD.

I logged on today just to see if there’s anyone in the Warrens, and knowing that Ayba doesn’t have time to play, I actually didn’t want to do anything in the game. But ten seconds after logging in, someone was looking for level 17 – 23 people for Shrouded Isle. Can’t miss that chance!

While running there I was wondering if I had known that zone back in Live. Hmm. Perhaps not. Not too many islands I remember. Just a few seconds after zoning in and looking at the suspiciously familiar wall texture the flashbacks came: this is Unrest. A very different kind of Unrest, but Unrest all the same. I pre-emptively peed my pants.

You see, I was a mage back in Live, and I can very well remember spending days in this nearly unreachable zone. You had to go through Dagnor’s Cauldron to get there, something that was dangerous in itself, and as a mage I’d often die to one of those watery goblins on the way. Not so in Shards of Dalaya. Here you can take a leisurely stroll from Warrens to Shrouded Isle, both zones are close to each other and reasonably safe to reach. This is something I like very much about SoD, the zones are connected in a way that makes much more sense to me. The designers also take care to make every zone meaningful. In EQ I often thought that most new zones are just throwaway buffer material between dungeons. Not so in SoD.

shards_of_dalaya017 2009-06-02, 21_26_25_SI_group_00

Anyhow. Where were we? So my noobish little halfling walked up to the group consisting of Tjuven (rogue), Mirvanis (paladin), Izlia (cleric?) and Emilien (cleric!), waved and got an invite. Woohoo πŸ™‚ But then I was expected to pull. Oh no.

I suppose that in my mind, I am still a mage, and mages don’t pull. I was terrified. What if I kill the whole group? And this isn’t Unrest, I can’t build on any of the knowledge I have from Live. Twice the opportunity to wipe my whole group. But they told me there’s nothing to worry (as long as I don’t go to the upper floors), so after a few chaotic attempts to clear the ground floor spawns and get a good spawn rotation going, things went smoothly.

It was a very pleasant evening until Tjuven, who was about to leave, wanted me to pull something harder.

I met this scary lady with the longish forehead:

shards_of_dalaya017 2009-06-02, 21_26_25_SI_group_02

Conned red to me, but wasn’t enough for Tjuven! Here’s a last picture when the group was still going quite well:

shards_of_dalaya017 2009-06-02, 21_26_25_SI_group_03

A little afterward, the cleric lagged out and two of us died 😦 I blame Tjuven, he/she asked for red and dangerous things. “BRING ME DEATH!”, I seem to remember from groupchat. There you go!

But all in all I must say it was an extremely nice and intense hour of playing. The first time in a new zone (with shivers running down my spine from what I remembered from Unrest), the first time really pulling for a group and no big accidents except for when the cleric lagged to death.

This is what I play for!

PS: Oh, we killed Eztak and Amtek as well. I think they’re cousins or something.


4 thoughts on “Oric and the smelly dead things”

  1. I saw you guys in there that day. I even stopped to buff you guys with my Enchanter. The cleric seemed particularly pleased to get Clarity. Glad I could help.

    Couldn’t agree more about what you said about zone connections in SoD. I, too, think it to be superior. And I really dig this zone, especially.

    If you get the chance, kill the named guy, “Lord of the Estate”, on the top floor on the balcony. He’s tough, but he drops a key to the basement, where even harder stuff exists. Recluso’s Mask is a pretty nice loot.

    Glad to see you’re back to blogging. I hope you keep it up.


  2. Thanks for the comment πŸ˜€ And I’m sorry to not have mentioned you in the article, I remember suddenly having chanter buffs but was all caught up being nervous about pulling for a group that I probably forgot who it all came from πŸ™‚

    So thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Ah, wasn’t looking for a mention. No worries. Just keep playing/blogging. Your blog is a great read.

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