How to tell us apart

Just a heads-up. I’m not longer alone writing this blog, since I’ve pestered my girlfriend to write about her experiences in the game as well (see other postings along that line). In the land of dual-boxing, it’s probably not that common to sea a duo controlled by two real people, but yes, here we are, and both of us are human beings 🙂

To tell the us apart on the blog, watch the author line:


She writes under her character’s name to keep her anonymity. I’m already on so many spammers’ and scammers’ mailing lists that it doesn’t make any difference for me, but she would like to stay out of all that, so publishing under the nickname is probably best. Yes, I know, we’re dumping layers and layers of confusion on you guys, but it’s the best we could manage. Sorry!

But anyway.  I think it’ll be just as interesting for me to hear what she thinks about SoD on her first way through as it hopefully will be for all of you.

(P.S.: She’s SUCH A NOOB. Don’t tell her I said that.)


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