How to make a fool out of yourself – or how to let everyone know you’re a newbie, Part 1

Well, since this is the first time I’m playing a different game than World Of Goo, Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime or Boulder Dash, it is not difficult to make mistakes.

But making three serious ones in half an hour time or so is even a record for me.

So, we went to the Warrens (see Oric’s post for details) and found a cool group, right. First, I looted some kobolds by accident – that’s not that bad, you’d say.

But then the group had found the Crude Kobold Crown on one of those buggers (actually the king) and asked Pankura and me (for we’re both druids) to “roll” over them.  Roll? Didn’t quite get why and with which command I should possibly roll around on the floor.  Ackin seemed to sense my questionmark and wrote how to “/random 0 1000”. Buuut, I was so nervous because my group expected me to actually do or say something and so I didn’t get Ackin’s help as well and just wrote “761” (after a red sentence and Pankura’s number 654 had popped up). Proud of having been able to answer I didn’t understand why my boyfriend on the pc next to me burst into  laughter… I did manage in the end and to my embarrassment even won – still sorry, Pankura.

And then came the highlight of the evening: In the middle of a fight, when my group members would have needed me for healing I managed to kick myself completely out of the group. So, as you can see on the picture below, poor little me was standing somewhere far away and desperately asking to be invited into the group again. Help. Somebody. Hello?


They did have the kindness to invite me after the fight was over, so for all the other newbies: If you ever manage to do the same idiotic thing, don’t panic, just wait until the fight is finished, because your temporary former group members can’t invite you while fighting. And don’t be too embarrassed, you’re officially not the first one to make that mistake.

Since this is probably not the last time I happen to make a fool out of myself  I call this post “Part 1”.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “How to make a fool out of yourself – or how to let everyone know you’re a newbie, Part 1”

  1. God, I love this. KEEP IT COMING. I have done and continue to do some of the same things. I can’t promote this enough!

    ~Ligon, Warrior SoD

  2. God that was fun, brought back some old memories (that’s me the red head halfling!) No worries on the helmet that was really funny though. That’s my druid box so I’m glad your gf actually got that helm 🙂

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