An interview with the person behind Ayba

I am working hard to convince my girlfriend to also write about her experiences in Shards of Dalaya. Her character is Ayba, the little halfling druid that you see in the vicinity of Oric most of the time. Since Shards of Dalaya is her first MMO and to introduce her to you guys, here’s a short interview. She will be called Ayba here on the blog too, for the sake of anonymity and to confuse everybody.


Ramon: Shards of Dalaya is your first MMO, and you’re only playing because I forced you to make a little halfling. How do you like it so far?

Ayba: After the first confuzzeling handling problems it started to become real fun.

Ramon: What do you like best about the game? Or in other words, when is Shards of Dalaya the most fun?

Ayba: The design and way of getting in contact with other players. Once you’ve found a fun group it gets even more exciting.

Ramon: Is there anything that really annoys you about SoD?

Ayba: It’s not about the game directly. But I’m just too slow in writing comments, reading what is going on, checking spells and helping my group mates at the same time… I’d  make quite a bad air traffic controller, I think.

Ramon: Can you tell us something about why you picked a druid, and maybe why a halfling?

Ayba: Halflings are cute (yeees, the clichéd answer you’d expect from a woman), and the druid was your idea. So don’t complain.

Ramon: This might hit a sore spot for some SoD players, but would you pay a monthly fee for Shards of Dalaya? If so, how much would it be worth in your eyes? Or would you perhaps like an item or services store like in many Asian games, where you can purchase items for real money (RMT, real money transactions)?

Ayba: Do I have to answer this question? Can’t afford a lawyer.

Ramon: What are you looking forward to most right now in SoD, except for your next spell level?

Ayba: Spending time with you :O)      … (I was not forced or paid to say this, I swear…)


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