Oric vs. Tralkh the Scavenger

Ayba and Oric are on a very, very slow climb from level 18 to 20. When there are no Blackburrow, Runnyeye or Warrens groups, they spend their time in Western or Northern Badlands, hunting bandits, gnolls or corrupted animals. It’s dangerous in Northern Badlands though, roaming hill giants and griffons aren’t fun.

So we sat down near the rotting plague gnoll camp when this guy appeared on tracking. It was the only real special event of the evening 😦


He didn’t even drop anything. Except bandages. Cheapskate.

I hope that next time we play, we find a group again. Random groups in those lowbie dungeons are so much fun and a huge amount of exp, it’s ridiculous. That’s when SoD is at its best.


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