Choices, and the incapability to reach one

Oric and Ayba hit a wall recently. Kicking down the door at Runnyeye and setting all the furniture on fire did help their exp bars, but it’s rather slow since then.

Moments like this make me create alts; I’m guilty of now having a ranger, cleric, wizard, bard, enchanter, paladin and shadow knight. But the fact is that this won’t help Oric, and it won’t help me decide on a main character.

I love the newbie life and trying out new classes, that’s probably why I keep doing this in any MMO. Chasing from moss snake to moss snake and cheering when you find a strip of cloth armor — wonderful! But it has to stop.

To keep my sanity, I hereby declare Oric my main, who I will mostly play when Ayba is online as well. Adelah can be the alt of choice, because bards in SoD are that much fun. But no more characters. No more!

There. Let’s see if I manage not to break my promise for a week.

Here’s an unrelated picture of Oric being nommed by a huge flaming spider:



2 thoughts on “Choices, and the incapability to reach one”

    1. Oh. Now that puts things into perspective.

      Let’s see, what’s next? Beastlord? Shaman?

      *thinks and rubs hands*

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