Really good writing in SoD

Where EverQuest’s story doesn’t seem to offer much background for the Vah Shir beyond “we be moon cats”, SoD’s writing in the vah newbie area is really, really good. Each named vah (mostly merchants and guild leaders) has their own character traits, but they all share some catman-like habits. Despite that, the writing never gets cheesy. I liked the atmosphere of the whole place, and the fact that they’re cast as refugees makes them somehow more likeable despite their (current) disrespect for my tiny bearded halfling.


I wish the writing in some commercial titles were this good. SoD has cheesy and clichéd parts as well, but it seems to me that they did a really good job with the vah starting area. The starting area isn’t the only well-written part, your character receives several items that tell you the backstory of the various races, the devastation that Kaezul caused etc. But I’ll write about that some other time, this posting is only to say hi to the kittehs.

Now to find out how to get faction…


4 thoughts on “Really good writing in SoD”

  1. Actually, in EQ, some villages of Kerrans, the Norrathian ancestors of the Vah’Shir, were blasted to Luclin by the Erudite weapon which also created The Hole and soon, the breakway necromancer city of Old Paineel. So there WAS some lore about that 🙂

  2. Yeah but the odd part was that was forced into the lore – originally the hole was caused by the Erudites digging down and finding the portal to the Plane of Below in the living wall. Then later on when explaining the moon cats it all of a sudden became a Erudite weapon explosion extravaganza that dislodged cats into space?

  3. I was actually part of the EQ Quest Troupe at the time of the opening of the Hole, and as I remember it (and I could be wrong), the timeline was — Happy Erudin, Necros are forced into Toxxulia, Huge war blows kitties into space and causes the Hole, Necros form Old Paineel in the Hole, further excavation uncovers the hatch, Plane of Below invades Old Paineel, some necro whose name begins with D enters the Plane of Below and closes the hatch from the inside, Old Paineel crumbles and falls to dust, a trio of gnomish explorers open the Hatch again, D-guy comes out, legendary wizard closes it up again and sets guardians to ward against others trying to open it again, big trial on all servers officially opens The Hole, exile necros still in Toxxulia build New Paineel on the lip of the Hole.

    Since The Hole came out between Kunark and Velious, naturally nobody yet knew about the kitties at that time, including, probably, the people at Verant, but I don’t think they had to change the lore much to add them, aside from the improbability of surviving the explosion of a huge weapon with enough force to send them hurtling through space to the most distant of the two moons.

    The two Combine factions at least used the Spires. I can’t remember how the snake people got to Luclin — they were originally from Kunark, but got wiped out on Norrath by the Iksar.

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