SoD Innovation No. 1: The Adventuring Band

I am not absolutely sure that this was never done in any other game before, but to me it’s an innovation. In SoD, you can gain experience while offline, or while in an antirely different place than your friends, or while shopping at vendors.

This works through Adventuring Bands. You invite the people you like, and if they accept, the exp they gain is shared between all members of the band. The thing I like most about this is offline exp. My girlfriend has a bit more time to play than I at the moment, so we just form an adventuring band so that Ayba and Oric’s levels don’t go too far apart. So look what happened when I logged on Oric today:


You can use this in other ways as well, for example to keep the exp flowing while one of the group members has to run off to the vendor.

An extremely nice feature that I’d love to see in other games as well.


6 thoughts on “SoD Innovation No. 1: The Adventuring Band”

  1. SoD and it’s previous incarnation, Winter’s Roar, have been around since circa 2002. Anyway, MMO’s are highly derivative by nature.

  2. I think it might even extend beyond MMOs. For example, compare Command & Conquer to any RTS in the market today. Most modern RTSs share the same convenience features, which were all missing from C&C. So I think it’s often the entire genre that gets an innovation when it makes sense. Sort of like evolution.

    Some of it is silly fashion, though. Just look at all the games that had bullet time after Max Payne came out, or time reversal after Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

  3. Just out of personal vanity, I’d like to point out that Adventure Bands have been in effect for 3+ years on SoD, well before they existed on CoH or Vanguard was even released.

  4. Oh great, so in a way I was just three years late and not completely wrong 🙂

    I absolutely love the feature. Perfect for couples, too.

    1. Yeah, the idea actually sprang out of when I started a bunch of lowbies with fellow staff members and tried to level up as a group and it was just impossible to stay within the same level due to different time allowances. So I thought, ‘Hey, there’s already groups for EXP sharing, why not make a permanent group for permanent EXP sharing?’

      Couple weeks later, Adventure Bands saw the light of day.

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