An unexpected meeting

Ayba and Oric wanted to head to the Newport sewers to help the local Newport guards with the rat(ling) problem. While looking for ratlings, Oric bumped into Botbot the cleric, who was trying to find out where the heck the smelly gnolls are down in the sewers. He needs to pull five of their teeth out of their heads. Apparently someone would make him a cloak or something out of gnoll teeth. Eww. Clerics. Don’t ask.

Anyhow. Botbot is nearly three times Ayba and Oric’s level, but Oric could still help a bit. You see, the Newport sewers are a confusing place even if you have a map, so Oric tracked the gnoll shamans that you could always hear, but never see, cast their spells.

After a successful find, gnoll skulls were smashed and gnoll kneecaps bitten as an angry dwarven cleric and two scared halflings tried a genocide on the gnoll population:


And shortly before my girlfriend and I would have had to quit playing for the evening, Botbot finally found the fifth fang he needed!


Congrats, Botbot! Everything said and done, we swam back up the aqueduct system and dried our sore bodies in the sun.


There. Heroes!

Clothes out of gnoll teeth. Seriously…


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