A night at the gnolls

Ayba and Oric headed deeper into Blackburrow for the first time ever. A group was quickly assembled: Zoky, Dregonix, Rusheeth and Nagrow, in various constellations. We were really too low to be down there, so the gnoll casters got us several times. Sorry, Zoky 😦

Once we’re past level 10 or so, I think we can tackle that camp down there by the bridge. It’s quite exciting to get to feel the group mechanics. Just to compare, in WoW I had no idea about how grouping works until way past level 30, simply because everyone just solos there. Even now during my very, very extended WoW break (I only played for two months), I only have vague ideas about grouping that I keep mixing up with EverQuest.

In SoD on the other hand, it seems that our level 9 – 12 guys already had quite a good understanding of what their role is. As always with random groups, we would have needed to get used to each other’s style before we could really roll in the exp and phat lewts, and this evening there was no time for that. Also, we had problems with crowd control. An enchanter would’ve been nice.

Anyhow, I think all in all everyone had an exciting time, and thanks to SoD’s “no negative exp” system, no one lost anything, everyone just gained.


I’m looking forward to something like this again soon. Ooooh, or let’s head to the Warrens 🙂


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