Feelings of Achievement

Ayba and Oric had an extremely busy day. First, Oric noticed that his bags are all still lined with gooey beetle eyes and other assorted animal parts — what do you expect of a ranger. So after selling all of his stuff and consulting his banker of trust, we noticed that Oric had managed to get his first platinum ever! He was slightly happy:


That’s achievement number one. After Adelah had received so many rich gifts, my girlfriend and I decided that Ayba and Oric have to make their own money, independent of Adelah. So no full plate suit for Oric! Instead of pimping each other’s gear, we decided to continue on our main quest. Little level 7 halflings that we were, most of the goals for the quest seem too far away, so we settled for a target close by. We met this talkative dwarf on an island:


He told us something about history. Apparently, some people are really, really particular about their history lessons, so everyone is making sure that we know the history of the world as we know it, of the evil Kaezul and of the plague that hit Freeport and the lands around it. Nice storyline, and having a main quest keeps you somewhat focused. This is something that I miss in some other MMOs — they are just a pile of fetch and kill quests with no central structure whatsoever. This seems to be solved better in SoD.

But on to achievement number three. We met a shaman named Chakleet outside of Blackburrow, and so we decided to join up and burn a few gnolls inside. Great, although brief, fun was had by all:


When Chakleet had to run, we messed with the gnolls in front of Blackburrow and managed to get each of us a nearly full set of leather armor and a levelup. This is another weird thing: Somehow SoD feels much harder than many MMO’s. Faster, not necessarily easier than the EverQuest of 2001. But the effect of all this is that half a suit of leather armor feels like a real accomplishment in SoD. Traveling to a remote island feels like adventure instead of tedium, and making your first platinum is a moment you remember.

This is what I’ve missed in other MMOs, and I’m glad this feeling of achievement is intact in SoD. Let’s see what else awaits.

Oh, and by the way, finding your way out of Newport is an achievement in itself. Newport is very, very confusing, and being half the size of everyone else doesn’t make it better.



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