The kindness of strangers, part two

What an evening! First a random group for Fearstone Keep assembled, consisting of Tueur, Jubadoo and me. Two bards and a rogue. Interesting. Despite the odds, we managed to stay alive longer than I’d expected and some of us leveled. We made a few typical newbie mistakes (don’t fight on the spawn locations, idiots) but a death or two quickly taught us better. A bit later, cleric Botbot joined us, and that really gave us a boost. We even survived being feared and trained thanks to him 🙂

Some time into the assault we killed a frilakh commander, and it dropped a Commander’s Sigil. Very nice loot for this area! I think Tueur won the first roll, and later on Jubadoo won a roll as well. Here’s the first surprise of the evening: Jubadoo had to camp quickly due to client bugs, and he told me to get the sigil. I thought he meant I should just hold on to it until he returns, but when I wanted to give it back, he didn’t want it back. Thanks, Jubadoo, I owe you a run on those frilakh commanders!


The mini-raid continued, when Maltornial asked me whether I was serious about that Ancient Plate that I’m lusting for. Of course I was, but I thought the quests were going to take forever, so I answered that I’d be very happy to take up his offer when I’m ready, in a few days. “With my help it’ll just take ten minutes,” he says, “but then again, I have much better gear you can have.”

That’s how Adelah ended up with the most phattest lewts. After a run to Athica, this kind sir gave Adelah more crazy gear than I’d ever hoped to have:


Making her look more or less like this:


This is madness. If there’s one difference I notice between SoD and other games, it’s how kind and fun the people are.

Granted, I didn’t play WoW for long, but that game was desolate. My shaman didn’t group until level 30. When he finally found a group, everyone was annoyed that none of us knew the group mechanics yet. Out of five people, two certainly were veterans and just playing their twinks, the rest attacked things without any plan — we had the druid tanking for the most part. Everyone died, needless to say, people left in disgust and my shaman was blamed for it all. That was my first WoW grouping experience, all this time surrounded by players soloing their way through the game as if it’s single player.

SoD is very, very different, in a good way. Random groups that kick ass, friendly strangers, a good atmosphere and a bit of drama on OOC — what more could you want?

Oh, perhaps a more modern client 😉


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