Oric and Ayba’s Erudin Adventures


Ah, Oric and Ayba. What a wonderful couple. What an adventurous look in their eyes. What drama. What furry feet.

The two little halflings decided to take the ship to the Storm Sea and meet someone there who had sent them a mysterious summons. Meet him we did, and we made a promise to return with what he wants. But then the boat to Erudin arrived and we thought it can’t hurt to go there.

We had some fun with the Erudin teleporters before entering Mistwoods, where the spiders are the size of sixteen a half… lings. “Look, kobolds!” Oric announced, and we happily slashed and burned them to death for a bit. Before the skeletons got there. Something or someone’s pet feared Oric over half the zone before he collapsed and died without knowing what the heck happened, and Ayba melted under some freakish necro spell 😦

The kobolds are probably still alive.


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