The kindness of strangers

Adelah had just started on her main quest, which would call her back to Athica. Entering Athica is always quite entertaining for a noob, since it seems that lots of high level players use the Athica entrance area to meet.

Taking a few steps into the entrance (after cursing the zone-in area for being so indecipherable that you zone out sixteen times before you manage to take the right way into town), I was inspected by a Vah Shir called Shelena. Without a word, she then handed me 100 platinum. To help a newbie. Wow.


This is to say thank you again. 100 plat mean nothing to a high level player, but for a noob like Adelah it meant a completely new set of armor and the ability to die less often. See below for a before/after picture.

Thank you, Shelena!


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